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MEd: Parental Perceptions of Scottish Early Years Education

Whilst teaching, I completed a distance learning MEd in Leading Learning & Teaching with the University of Dundee. I graduated in June 2020 with distinction & the hopes of continuing my dissertation studies centred around promoting parental engagement & involvement, within Scottish Early Years education.

Thanks to BERA I now have the opportunity to do just that, continuing the themes of my dissertation & building upon its results (below) to put ‘Play at the Heart of Scottish Early Years’ Family Learning.’

MEd Abstract: This study aimed to determine parental perceptions of the atmosphere, approach and actions of Scottish Early Years education. A multi-modal survey was used to capture opinion from the Nursery 2, Nursery and Primary 1 parent populations of three schools within Edinburgh. The results show that parents prioritise the development of a child’s psychosocial and academic attitudes over skills and knowledge, and focus on the social climate of the Early Years setting as having the greatest impact on their child’s education. Parents maintained an ‘Uncertain’ perspective in terms of the delivery of Early Years education, preferring a combination of ‘Traditional’ and ‘All Play’ elements: they understood that play is important, but did not appear to appreciate its true value as a function of learning. In terms of their role within Early Years education, parents favoured academic communication and family learning support, to ensure consistency between school and home approaches. The results from this study can be used to inform the development of context-specific parental interest policy for schools within Edinburgh, to improve educational outcomes. If replicated in different contexts, with greater response rate, results from this study could be extrapolated as reflective of the entire Scottish parent population.

MEd: Parental Perceptions of Scottish early years education

Click here to read my full MEd dissertation.

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