Project Aims

Our Goals for Sharing the Ambition

Building upon my MEd research (titled ‘Parental Perceptions of Scottish Early Years Education’), the ultimate aim of this project is to create a parental engagement & involvement guidance for Early Years settings. Essentially, the hope is to create a ‘Realising the Ambition’ document for families, aptly named ‘Sharing the Ambition’ (StA): a practical, hands-on approach to ensuring that high quality play experiences are valued and facilitated at home.

StA has the potential to harness the power of two giants within the Early Years (parents and play), to address the attainment gap when it is easiest to close (McCluskey, 2017) and improve educational outcomes. In this way, StA can be viewed as another mode of Early Years intervention, setting solid foundations for fostering and maintaining effective parent-practitioner relationships over a child’s entire educational journey.

StA will be developed in partnership with families and educational staff from a small but demographically diverse cluster of Early Years settings within Edinburgh (our Working Party (WP)).

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