Project Methodology

The Guiding Principles & Intended Processes for Managing Sharing the Ambition

It is envisaged that a mixed-methods approach will be employed utilising:

• An initial parent survey to dig deeper into parental perceptions and current
experiences of play. Follow up focus groups will also be used to gather the
detailed qualitative responses that can be missed in surveys.

• An initial Early Years staff survey to understand the current approach to family
learning at different settings and follow up focus groups.

• An iterative cycle of development workshops for the working party to discuss,
design, plan, reflect, feedback and adapt each StA draft. This will start with a
list of ideas to boost parental interest, based upon the staff and family
survey/focus group results, for WP members to trial in their own settings.

A link to the surveys & focus group questions, for both families & staff, will be posted here once they have been reviewed by the StA Working Party.

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