Project Timeline

The Research Study’s Proposed Tasks & Timings, At-a-glance

Feedback from the families involved will be sought at every step of the research project and will be used to inform all STA drafts. Parents will be able to follow the project’s progress via a quarterly update newsletter, a website presence and local advertisements.

Sharing the ambition project timeline
  • August 2020

    • Set up working party (WP) of 5 – 10  Early Years specialists from across Edinburgh (Krueger & Casey, 2014).✅
    • Share with WP: aims of research, timeline, project plan, roles & responsibilities etc.✅
    • Share with WP initial survey drafts (for staff & families) which have been created in advance, based upon extensive research (in terms of design, methodology, content etc.).✅

  • September 2020

    • WP feedback used to create final surveys.✅
    • Survey disseminated to schools/ Early Years settings of WP members.✅
    • Survey disseminated to staff.✅
    • Survey completed with children in WP settings.✅
  • October 2020

    • Survey results collated & reviewed with WP.✅
    • Sharing the Ambition (STA) draft 1 is created, in response to survey results, constituting a list of ideas on how to use play to improve parental engagement and involvement. STA draft 1 will be framed around Realising the Ambition’s (2020) ‘spaces, experiences & interactions’.✅
    • STA strategies delegated to WP members to trial in their settings.✅

  • November 2020

    • WP opened up to include more Early Years staff from outwith Edinburgh. ✅
    • WP trial STA draft 1. This includes WP members undertaking their own professional enquiry project, each focusing on a different strategy to boost parental engagement & involvement. From the survey results the overarching theme is communication & family learning. ✅
    • Proforma for recording & documenting professional enquiry projects decided upon as a WP. ✅
    • Focus groups held with staff & families to dig deeper into the successes and barriers of current parental engagement & involvement strategies. ✅
    • Family Newsletter 1 is disseminated sharing survey results & inviting families to contribute to the format, content & design of our upcoming Family Zone on the STA website. ✅

  • December 2020 – February 2021

    • Moderation of open-ended results analysis with WP members to create final Sharing the Ambition codebook.
    • Focus group results used to inform the professional enquiry projects.
    • WP meet to feedback on trial and adapt STA accordingly – each project will form a chapter of the STA document.
    • WP to create a STA Family Zone on the website to communicate the why, the what and the how of play.
    • WP members continue to update their personal blog on the STA website with the progress of their professional enquiry play project.
  • March – May 2021

    • WP trial STA draft 2.
  • June & July 2021

    • WP write up final STA draft for publication.
  • August 2021

    • CPD opportunities offered to introduce STA to Edinburgh practitioners out with the WP.
    • Final STA piloted in additional schools across Edinburgh.

  • September 2021

    • Final BERA report submitted.
  • October +

    • STA pilot continues across Edinburgh.
    • Training and mentoring offered for pilot schools.
    • Feedback collected and any necessary changes made to STA.
    • STA rolled out to other local authorities within Scotland.
    • Long-term implications of STA monitored.

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