Children’s Survey Results

The Findings from the Children’s Survey

The results for the children’s survey are presented below. Whilst the questions remained the same, the format for dissemination was left to individual settings: some interviewed one to one, others held whole class discussions and a few employed a floorbook approach.

Once the the working party have finalised the thematic codebook (for the analysis of all three surveys: family, staff & children), the results will also be shown.

Q1. What is your favourite part of School/Nursery?

“It’s the part of playing. That we can just play everywhere with everything! But my favourite is building because I make towers and aeroplanes and all sorts of things.”

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Q2. How do you learn at School/Nursery?

“I think. I learn and think what to do. I learn numbers and letters and playing.”

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Q3. Is play important? Why?

“Yes! Because they’re fun!”

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Q4. What playing do you do at home?

“With my sister and my Mum and my Dad and my racing tracks and my cars that blast fast. And there’s a meteor! Boom!”

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Q5. What learning do you do at home?

“Playing with my musical instruments and play with my football outside in the back yard.”

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Q6. How would you like your family to help you learn?

“Make a house and drawing. I want my family to read me a story at school.”

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