BERA Funding

BERA BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant Winner BERA funds £12,000 of school based research The BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant is intended to support research with a focus on curriculum inquiry and investigation. The grant acknowledges the importance of research led by schools and colleges. BERA are pleased to announce that for 2020/2021 we are funding three projects:Continue reading “BERA Funding”

Project Aims

Our Goals for Sharing the Ambition Building upon my MEd research (titled ‘Parental Perceptions of Scottish Early Years Education’), the ultimate aim of this project is to create a parental engagement & involvement guidance for Early Years settings. Essentially, the hope is to create a ‘Realising the Ambition’ document for families, aptly named ‘Sharing theContinue reading “Project Aims”

Project Methodology

The Guiding Principles & Intended Processes for Managing Sharing the Ambition It is envisaged that a mixed-methods approach will be employed utilising: • An initial parent survey to dig deeper into parental perceptions and current experiences of play. Follow up focus groups will also be used to gather the detailed qualitative responses that can beContinue reading “Project Methodology”

Project Timeline

The Research Study’s Proposed Tasks & Timings, At-a-glance Feedback from the families involved will be sought at every step of the research project and will be used to inform all STA drafts. Parents will be able to follow the project’s progress via a quarterly update newsletter, a website presence and local advertisements.Sharing the ambition projectContinue reading “Project Timeline”

Previous Study

MEd: Parental Perceptions of Scottish Early Years Education Whilst teaching, I completed a distance learning MEd in Leading Learning & Teaching with the University of Dundee. I graduated in June 2020 with distinction & the hopes of continuing my dissertation studies centred around promoting parental engagement & involvement, within Scottish Early Years education. Thanks toContinue reading “Previous Study”