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STAFF: It’s your turn to share the ambition!

So we created the Staff Page

a page for staff (particularly Early Learning & Childcare N-P1) hoping to engage & involve their setting’s families in all things play!

Scroll down to find out how you can participate in Sharing the Ambition.

Start the Conversation

Want to discuss the Family Zone resource?

Interested in joining the Sharing the Ambition Working Party?

Hoping to collaborate?

Something else entirely?

The Theory Behind the Practice

Check out the that informed our Family Zone resource, including:

Family Flyers

If you’d like to Share the Ambition with your setting’s families, please use the correspondence below to spread the word amongst your ELC community.
New flyers will be added as the project progresses.

Each communication comes in two copies: ‘Interactive’ to e-mail & post on social media, and ‘Printable’ to send out in-person.

We have found greatest results, in boosting family access to the Sharing the Ambition resources, when both copies – interactive & printable – are sent out to families.

Translations coming soon…

Flyer #1

Flyer #1 introduces the launch of the Family Zone for March’s trial.

Flyer #2

Flyer #2 introduces the Sharing the Ambition community & how to get involved!

Flyer #3

Flyer #3 recaps the features of the why, the what & the how on the Family Zone.

A Year and A Day of Play, Weekly Blast

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